Online Courses Versus Classroom Coaching – Which is Better for GMAT Preparation?

The biggest struggle for students preparing for GMAT is to stay motivated and maintain consistency in practice. But before they begin practicing, an important decision that the students have to make is to decide how to prepare for the test. While some are confident enough to prepare by themselves, most prefer to seek additional help […]

The Importance of Progress Monitoring When Preparing for GMAT

Most GMAT aspirants are very ambitious when it comes to setting a target score for themselves. Although a high target will keep you motivated throughout your prep journey, it is important that you take the right steps that help you achieve it. A simple trick to do that is to check your progress regularly and […]

3 Mistakes That You Should Avoid at the Start of Your GMAT Prep

Once you have decided that MBA is your ultimate career goal, the next step for you is to prepare for the GMAT. Most good B-schools shortlist an applicant basis two aspects – a. The student’s overall profile and b. their GMAT score. Therefore, GMAT clearly gets a high weightage in the MBA admission process and […]

The Importance of Learning in The Right Order

Haphazard learning or not following a logical approach while preparing for GMAT can lead to wastage of time and effort. The better thing to do is to follow the right order, both for Verbal and Quant.

Key factors to consider while evaluating the right course

Finding the right course to prepare for GMAT can be difficult. With so much of variety in the courses, such as video lessons, books, coaching institutes, and one-on-one tutors, knowing the right factors to consider while choosing one is important.

How to Effectively Plan Studies for GMAT?

Before beginning their GMAT prep, a lot of students often look for some tips to plan their studies in the most fruitful manner. You can always find plenty of success stories to take inspiration from. However, you can save a lot of your time and find the best ingredients of your study plan at the […]

How to Identify Right Target GMAT Score?

If you are planning to go for a degree in management this year, you are most likely to appear for the GMAT soon. Now, the first challenge faced by an MBA aspirant preparing for GMAT is to identify what their target score should be! Hmm..sounds easy, doesn’t it? Read the detailed post and find out […]