With every industry across the globe dealing with the impact of COVID-19 outbreak, several business programs are also trying to ease-out the climate for their prospective students. While certain delays may be expected, students must rest assured that there are alternatives in line. So, if you were all set to appear for the GMAT this year, are preparing for it, or foreseeing B-school admissions this year, stay alert as there are going to be slight changes in your timeline. Here are 5 ways to continue pursuing your dreams even with the impact of COVID-19 on B-School Admissions.

How COVID-19 pandemic is impacting MBA and other B-school admissions?


There are certain things that students can do while they are locked down at home. Mark these five things you must do for your B-school/GMAT dreams even after the impact of COVID-19 on B-school admissions.

I. Keep an Eye Out on Updates from Your Target Schools

If you are considering applying to a school this year, you must continue to look for updates from your target schools. Most of the B-schools are sharing relevant information via their official website and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also write an email to your school or call their official numbers for updates, however, in case you do not receive an answer, you must remain patient.

Since the situation is difficult for each one of us, the schools may also be facing their own set of challenges. It is important to remember that the impact of COVID on B-school admissions, therefore patience during these trying times is key to survival.

II. Check for Business School Deadline Extension Details

If you were planning to apply for a business program but didn’t due to some reasons, this may be good news for you. Several business schools have extended their deadlines for the final round admissions, while some others have extended the deadline to submit GMAT scores. So, if you didn’t apply because your GMAT score was low, you now have time to re-appear and submit your improved scores. Sitting at home during the lockdown doesn’t seem that useless now, does it?

III. Appear for Alternative GMAT Exam Online

According to the recent updates released by GMAC, students can now appear for the interim GMAT exam online. According to the official update, the test is expected to be available from the mid of April. While further details about the exam are yet to be released, students can expect –

  • A comparable structure of the test
  • Same number of items on Quant, Verbal, and IR (no AWA section)
  • Same time for completion of the test
  • Sections score and Total score same as the GMAT
  • Modified security and check-in protocols to manage integrity of the test
  • Lower price of the test compared to the standard charges

Note: The test will be available in all COVID-19 impacted areas, excluding China.

Get Updates: Everything You Need to Know About the Impact of Coronavirus on GMAT

IV. Expect Interviews to Happen Virtually

With F2F interviews out of question in the current scenario, many programs have come up with the Virtual Interview solution. Suppose you happen to be one of those going for the virtual interviews. In that case, there are additional aspects that you must consider apart from your prep schedule for the virtual interview. Ensure that your technology is working well, fix a disturbance free space for the interview, and ensure the place is well-lit. Do not consider your virtual interview to be any less than the on-campus interview. Put your best foot forward, plan ahead, and give it your best when the time comes.

V. Virtual Events for Already Admitted Students

Candidates who have already gained admission must note that schools will virtually carry out traditional student activities. While you may miss out on being physically present at school, authorities try to make the experience exciting and fulfilling.

Under lockdown, business schools and GMAC have found a way to adapt and expect students to adjust to uninterrupted learning.

For live updates on how business schools are responding to coronavirus, visit this page – https://www.businessbecause.com/news/live/coronavirus

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