The resources you refer to for your GMAT prep can easily make or break your GMAT experience. Therefore, finding the right GMAT prep course is nearly half the battle won for you. Since you are here, we believe you are trying to make a decision about egmat vs gmatwhiz for your GMAT prep.

In this article, we will give you the right knowledge, relevant facts, and verifiable data so you can make an informed decision for yourself –

eGMAT vs GMATWhiz – The Showdown  

Before we get into an actual comparison of the features of the two courses, let us look at some eGMAT students who after preparing for weeks and months, resorted to GMATWhiz for their prep. GMATWhiz helped these ex-eGMAT students improve significantly and achieve their dream score. Check out some of those success stories of our students who came to us after preparing from e-gmat. You will clearly see how these students found the problem-solving strategies taught by our experts at GMATWhiz helpful in bridging the gaps in their preparation and allowed them to score higher than what they were initially targeting –

  1. Rishabh, another e-GMAT student, improved his score from 670 to 740 in just 20 days by using GMATWhiz course. Watch his interview
  2. Mandar was stuck on 680 after using e-GMAT for a year and improved his score to 740 by using GMATWhiz Online Course. Review link
  3. Jayati was stuck at V23 after using e-GMAT course for months. She used GMATWhiz Online course to improve her score to V36 and overall, 680. Review link
  4. Varika was stuck at 650 in multiple attempts and improved her score to 710 using GMATWhiz Course. Check out her review
  5. Maria improved her score from 460 to 710 using GMATWhiz course. Review link
  6. Rummana improved from 560 to 690 in just 40 days. Find her review here
  7. Girija score a GMAT 750. Check out her review here
  8. Neuto123 improved from a 680 to 720. Review link
  9. Suryakumar improved his score from a low 620 to 710 with GMATWhiz. Review here
  10. Abhinav got a whopping 740 on GMAT with GMATWhiz. Check to find review here

Now, let us get into a factual analysis of e-GMAT vs GMATWhiz. Here’s what we will be covering in this article –

  1. Feature differences between GMATWhiz and e-GMAT
  2. Course pedagogy difference between eGMAT vs GMATWhiz
  3. Support and Mentorship difference
  4. Success Stories & Results Comparison
  5. Summary

Feature differences between eGMAT vs GMATWhiz

One of the easiest ways to compare two different products or services is to consider their features. So, below we have listed some of the primary areas of comparison between eGMAT vs GMATWhiz. Let us one by one take up the various key features of GMATWhiz & e-GMAT  –

  1. Study Plan
  2. Quizzes
  3. Dashboard
  4. Mentorship
  5. Pedagogy

I. Study Plan

When you are preparing for a competitive test like the GMAT, it is important to create a study plan and stick to it. Unlike eGMAT, our goal was to take away the stress of planning from your shoulders. So, instead of wondering ‘What should I do today?’, we crafted an adaptive study plan so you can jump directly into prep. Let’s compare the two –


When crafting a study plan, e-GMAT gives you only a high-level information regarding the time you need to complete each module. The weekly study plan created by the application is not integrated with the course modules. As a result, your study plan does not modify in real-time in line with your preferences. For example – there is no provision to change the weekly schedule in case –

  • You want to switch between Verbal and Quant for a given week
  • You’re not able to devote x hrs in a certain week and fall behind the schedule
  • Initially, you were weak in SC but then you started performing well
  • You might not be equally weak in all areas of Algebra
  • Data points considered for this plan is just 1 mock test with hardly 1 question per topic
  • You wish to switch between the topics
  • You wish to study both Quant and Verbal in parallel
unlike egmat, gmatwhiz builds a truly personalized study plan for GMAT prep, helpful for people preparing for gmat with a full time job

The e-GMAT study plan does not adapt to your needs as you go.


At GMATWhiz, the study plan is created by leveraging AI and is completely adaptive. The AI takes into account –

  • Preference between Quant and Verbal
  • Current stage of prep
  • Course completion
  • Pace of learning
  • % time devoted to Verbal and Quant
  • Completion of last week goals and many more
  • The time you have available
  • Your target GMAT score

So, at GMATWhiz, all you have to do is enter these details and the AI builds a highly customized study plan for you. The AI also lets you choose the amount of time you wish to devote to each section. In case you are weaker in one section compared to the other, you can use the toggle feature to create a study plan that focuses more heavily on the section that is harder for you. On busier days when you cannot devote much time to prep, you can make modifications in real-time so that plan automatically adjusts for the rest of the week. Check out a snippet of the world’s only truly personalized study plan –

II. Quizzes

Let’s first talk about the diagnostic quizzes on e-GMAT.

e-GMAT has an option to take a diagnostic quiz that is similar to the one offered by GMATWhiz, but it lacks one very important feature i.e. personalization. Let’s understand this with an example –

Suppose based on your diagnostic quiz results, e-GMAT gives you feedback that you need to work on sentence correction. Now, it seems like you have a diagnosis but the issue here is that it doesn’t tell you anything specific about what you need to work on –

Are there certain types of errors that you’re making more often?

Is your understanding of grammar lacking?

Or, are you just not identifying certain errors correctly?

Having an answer to these questions will help you focus more on areas where you need the most improvement.

The GMATWhiz diagnostic quiz does just that –

By using Tag-based and Difficulty-based grading systems, we track skill tags (such as inference, simplification, etc) as an added feature to clearly highlight the reason you made an error – whether it is because you are lacking in concepts or skills. So, the AI clearly tells you which topics and concepts you need to focus on, making sure that your study time isn’t wasted on inefficient learning.  

III. Dashboard

When it came to giving our students a detailed breakdown of how each section of the GMAT is scored, we brought the entire information at one place – our dashboard. It gives you a complete breakdown of four main sections —

  1. Your target GMAT score
  2. Projected GMAT score
  3. Quant score, and
  4. Verbal score—in one single view.

Not just that, we also provide a dashboard that shows a high-level breakdown of your performance to track core skills like translation, inference, etc. Your weaknesses into 3 broad groups –

  • Concept Gaps
  • Application Gaps &
  • Timing Gaps

The GMATWhiz AI also lets you automatically create specific quizzes to work on these weak areas right away.

At eGMAT, students need to categorize the gaps themselves (which can be difficult to do) and then identify what to do to solve those gaps. It is a time consuming & wasteful exercise which we, at GMATWhiz, have automated for you.

Unlike e-GMAT, we adapt to each individual’s learning curve in three phases –

  1. Learning Phase – GMATWhiz students in this phase are taught to emphasize more on building an efficient approach to apply the concepts learned without worrying about the timing aspect.
  2. Fine-tuning Phase – The student now moves to practice medium and hard-level questions within a time limit. This is feasible only if they have perfected their approach to solving questions i.e., by relating the strategies to different concepts of each question type. The AI simplifies this process for you by suggesting video lessons you must revise based on your performance in concept booster files and practice quizzes.For instance, when you’re dealing with modifiers on a timed quiz, you may not be able to master the concept to complete the question. Maybe you can solve modifiers in general, but they give you trouble on a timed quiz. By clicking the Improve Timing button, you’ll have access to quizzes that are curated based on your performance with just one goal in mind: helping you with time management.
  3. Improve Timing Phase The best way to get a hang of the actual test-taking environment is to give mocks. The best time to give mocks is when you have a decent skill level.

With GMATWhiz, you do not need to question yourself if you are ready to take mocks. The algorithm is constantly at work, collecting data points and measuring your performance, and will alert you when it feels you are finally ready to take a mock.   

III. Mocks

Mock tests are a great way to assess your performance on the GMAT. Not only do they give you an insight into your GMAT readiness but are also a great way to get into the grove of the actual test. But if you’re taking a mock test with e-GMAT, you might find yourself with so many graphs and data points that you might end up more confused about what your next step should be.

At GMATWhiz, we offer 10 Free AI-driven mock tests and a smart quizzing solution called – WhizQuiz. WhizQuiz is an analytics tool that integrates directly with your account-level course progress and helps you quickly identify where you need to focus your efforts and what to work on next.

IV. Quizzes

Unlike e-GMAT, which offers only raw data points, WhizQuiz does the heavy lifting for you—parsing and analyzing thousands of data points and presenting them as easy-to-understand information just like your ESR format. You get lesson recommendations at every step and not just some massive list of individual errors or questions that you got wrong. Our tagging feature lets you easily flag questions that are difficult for you so you can review them later on.

Not just recommendations but you can also learn more about where you need to improve your timing so that when you’re taking the real test, you can fly through those easy questions without wasting seconds or minutes and answer everything accurately and in time.

Not only this, we have an array of course feature differences such as automated Quizzing, OG Error Log, Tagging questions, Refined review functionality, Option-level tagging which we are not discussing here as it will make the article too lengthy.

V. Support and Mentorship difference: eGMAT vs GMATWhiz

GMATWhiz’s one-on-one mentorship guarantees that every student who studies with us gets the attention he or she needs. This individualized attention helps keep motivation high whenever you feel stuck at a score and thus helps each student achieve his or her highest GMAT score in their desired time.

Will you get a mentor at eGMAT? The Last Mile Push is a separate mentoring program offered by eGMAT to help students secure admission into top business schools. But as the name suggests, it is designed only for candidates who are already close to their goals with a score of 700+ either in their mocks or previous attempt.

Unlike egmat who only provides mentors in the name of LMP to students who are doing well, we (GMATWhiz) do not discriminate between our students. We believe in truly helping out students in reaching their desired goal, irrespective of where they currently stand in prep. Check out Mandar’s GMAT journey to see how support from GMATWhiz mentors helps our students –

Watch Mandar’s Inspiring Journey of Success in GMAT

VI. Course pedagogy – what makes us unique compared to e-GMAT  

Let’s dig into a section-wise preparation strategies taught by egmat vs GMATWhiz. Starting with the most challenging aspects of GMAT i.e. the Verbal section, we will see how the GMATWhiz Verbal section compares to the one offered by e-GMAT –

  • Sentence Correction – Both eGMAT and GMATWhiz teach the meaning-based approach to solve Sentence Correction questions. However, there is a huge difference between the way the approach is taught by the two.
    At GMATWhiz, we teach you to stop at the right places of a sentence, ask the right questions to contextualize and analyse each part of the sentence. This helps them to correlate different aspects of the sentence to identify what the author actually means.
    However, at egmat, students do break the sentence but are taught to provide the meaning of the entire sentence at the end instead of analysing the meaning of each part.
    It is this granularity in thought that separates GMATWhiz from egmat. Also, we simplify rules for our students by helping them to understand the logic behind these rules.
  • Critical Reasoning – We’ve all heard about pre-thinking gaps or assumptions in an argument before moving on to option elimination. But, how do you do it?

E-GMAT: Falsification of Argument Approach for Pre-thinking 

This technique tells us to negate the conclusion and then think of situations in which this negated conclusion would pan out to be true. So, essentially, if you have to think where this negated conclusion would be true, you’re back to square 1, i.e., you are thinking of situations in which the conclusion would not be true and that too without any defined structure. This is exactly what most students do before they started preparing from any course. It is highly unlikely that this approach will help you reach 100% accuracy in CR.

Another thing to note here is that their approach in assumption questions tells you to negate options. While negation should only be a last resort when you are confused between two options.

So, all in all, with egmat there’s no difference in approach or strategy that you were following before you enrolled for the e-gmat course.

GMATWhiz: Framework-Driven Approach to Pre thinking  

The majority of questions in GMAT CR (except Boldface and Inference) are based on one of the following argument types :

  1. Plan Goal
  2. Comparison
  3. Causality
  4. Quant Based

So, unlike the previous approach, you don’t analyze after reading the prompt. Instead, your analysis begins from the very first word. So, first, you identify the framework. This identification provides you a vantage point and tells you on what path to proceed. So technically, you’re first narrowing down from an infinite number of possibilities to a set structured domain.  

Post identification of framework, all you now have to do is plugin the framework and you can assess the gaps directly.  Let’s see how with this example –

egmat vs gmatwhiz - official question solution

Reading Comprehension – We do a very detailed course on Reading comprehension for GMAT. We not only acquaint you with different kinds of questions and passages, but also teach you how to actively read the passage.

The Reading Comprehension course content has one module “How to read” and that alone is equivalent to the whole RC course of e-GMAT. This is because we have covered every bit of reading comprehension in detail and some of those details have been briefly mentioned below:

  1. What information to carry forward, when to carry forward, and more importantly what not to carry forward?
  2. Where should you draw inferences from and how does that need to be done?
  3. How to differentiate between facts and opinions?
  4. How to act on information around contextual words?

We also provide exercises specific to different activities (some of which are mentioned above) so that you adapt naturally to the strategy and course adapts granularly to your learning curve and achieve a win-win situation.

egmat vs gmatwhiz - RC comparison which one is better

Success Stories & Results Comparison: eGMAT vs GMATWhiz

egmat vs gmatwhiz - success story which is better

The comparison drawn by eGMAT in their article was done on incomparable data points and appeared to be more of a forced comparison rather than one that is done on facts. Since GMATWhiz has been around for only 2 years and eGMAT for over 13 years, it is not fair to compare the data in terms of the current students’ results. However, when we look at the first two years of each company’s existence, we can proudly say that GMATWhiz has helped twice as many students as eGMAT to reach their target score of 700+ in the past two years. This can also be seen in a comparison of average students’ GMAT score improvements during the same duration.

Similarly, for success stories shared on YouTube, 22 students have talked about achieving their dream scores after joining GMATWhiz, compared to only three people from eGMAT posted on their channel. In the table below, you can clearly view some other important areas where we outnumber egmat with huge margins –

Avg. Score(Last 5 yrs) 704 684
Avg Rating 4.9 4.7
Avg Score Improvement 101 71
Verbal Rating 97% 96%
Quant Rating 97% 92%
Avg Recommendations 97% 94%
700+ scores in 1st two yrs 38 14
Note – All data is from GMATClub verified reviews.

So, after this detailed comparison which was completely fact-based, we believe that it drew a clearer picture of which company is delivering true success to their students and how each company performed in the initial years of their existence. So, we believe that now you can decide for yourself which course suits you best.

Aiming a 750+ on GMAT? Watch Shreyash’s interview to learn key strategies he learned at GMATWhiz to finally beat the GMAT with a whopping 760. Shreyash was working full-time in a hectic job at one of India’s top unicorns and had already scored a low 640 in his first attempt. His journey is truly inspiring!

Overall Summary 

The eGMAT vs gmatwhiz comparison done above is quite detailed and is sure to help students in decision-making as well. Clearly, a number of elements need to be considered to select the best online prep course for GMAT prep. But we hope that by now, you have a clearer perspective about both GMATWhiz and eGMAT. Using the infographics above, and our expert opinion, you should be able to make a more informed decision about which course is best for you.

Meanwhile, we would love to invite you to take our FREE Trial and see for yourself how we fulfill the claims we made above. We are sure you will love the personalized study plan our AI offers you.

You can speak directly to our experts as well. Schedule a call with Piyush – our GMAT Strategy Consultant and Co-Founder at GMATWhiz. We will be happy to answer the same.

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