The announcement of the Online GMAT exam came as a relief to many students who were planning to give the GMAT this year because they were facing deadlines or had upcoming commitments! However, the fact that the online test does not allow the use of a scratch paper or pen & paper, and in fact comes with a GMAT Online Whiteboard raised a lot of questions. It was obvious that solving questions orally (especially in Quant) and taking notes on the GMAT online whiteboard to solve questions as quickly as possible brought in a lot of uncertainty.

Therefore, to help our students, especially the ones who are planning to take the online GMAT in the coming months, we have built an online whiteboard simulator where you can practice working on the whiteboard in the same window as the question, just like in the Online GMAT!

Online Whiteboard by GMATWhiz is now Integrated on the same Window as the Question

How to Use the Online GMAT Whiteboard?

In our previous articles, we had covered how the Online GMAT is different from the conventional in-person GMAT and what are the initial reactions of students who have already taken the online exam. We already discussed the various changes in the Online GMAT such as the sequence of the sections is fixed, there is no break between the Quant and Verbal section, and an optional 5 minutes break before the IR.

So, not only do the students have to be confident about solving the Quant and Verbal sections back-to-back, there is also an additional challenge of solving these questions using an online whiteboard. However, if you are certain about taking the online test, the best thing to do is to look at it as a learning opportunity, practice well, and be as confident before taking the test as possible!

Practice on and Get a GMAT-Like Experience with our Online Whiteboard

At GMATWhiz, we always try to be proactive when it comes to helping our students! Not only were we prompt in creating a whiteboard for our students to practice, we are also the first to create a whiteboard that you can access in the same window as the question, just like in the Online GMAT. Here’s how you can use it-

Video Tutorial – How to access and practice the Online GMAT Whiteboard by GMATWhiz? 

Our online whiteboard is open to all students, whether existing or Free Trial users –

  • Our paid users can access the whiteboard while solving questions on our quizzing platform.
  • Our Free Trial users, on the other hand, will also be able to access the whiteboard in the free resources. We have shared a video tutorial below to show you how to access and use the whiteboard.

As we already specified, we have attempted to create a replica of the whiteboard provided in the Online GMAT exam. We realized that swapping between the question window and the whiteboard was a big discomfort and could not prove to be as effective for students who are planning to take the Online GMAT exam soon. Here’s a video tutorial of how to use the Online GMAT Whiteboard –

How to maximize usage of the whiteboard?

Our main motive behind implementing the whiteboard on the same window as the question (just like the GMAT Online Whiteboard) was to give our students an authentic experience of practicing on the online whiteboard. Here’s are some things you can do to fully utilize the whiteboard to your benefit –

  • Try to make the most out of the whiteboard by solving each and every question on the whiteboard next to the question. It is important that you try every variety of question, be it Geometry, Algebra, exponents, etc to ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Try your hand on the various tools available on the whiteboard. Although you will not be needing every tool that is available on the Online GMAT Whiteboard, familiarity with the most used tools will help enhance confidence during the test
  • Solve questions by both typing and drawing to decide which style you are the most comfortable with.
  • You can practice around 2000+ questions on the GMATWhiz platform to ensure that you are well-practiced and confident before taking the Online GMAT
Different Tools on the Online GMAT Whiteboard

How do the Different Tools Work?

There are 15 different tolls present on the Whiteboard to use, including Writing tools, Drawing Tools, Color tools, and other miscellaneous tools such as Eraser, Eyedropper, Undo & Redo button, Zoom In/Zoom Out button, and Clear button to erase the text on the board. We will quickly discuss what each tool does and how you can use it –

  1. Pencil – Denoted as Pen by the GMAC, can be used to draw on the whiteboard. You can change the thickness and color of the pencil as per your preference.
  2. Eraser – The eraser can be used to erase the text you want to. You can also alter the thickness as per the need
  3. Line – Although you can use the pen to draw lines, this tool will help when you need perfectly straight lines. Try not to waste time on using this toll if you can perfectly make do with the pen.
  4. Rectangle – You can use this tool to divide the page in multiple grids for optimal use of the space. Also, helpful in solving geometry questions.
  5. Circle – Helpful in solving Geometry or Venn Diagram Qs
  6. Aa – Take verbal notes and solve IR questions, and math problems by jotting down key details.
  7. Polygon – Although time consuming, this tool can prove to be helpful in drawing certain shapes that are not rectangles or circles.
  8. Pan – Since the board is a huge canvas when used smartly, you may want to move certain info around. This toll will help you to drag the text, shapes, info, or equations around with ease.
  9. Eyedropper – A lot of us are familiar with this tool but you probably won’t need to use it.
  10. Stroke – To change the color of your drawings and text.
  11. Fill – Although we are doubtful about the usage of this as well, you can use it to fill in a shape with color.
  12. Bg If you do not prefer a white background, you can choose the change the color using this tool.
  13. Undo – Accidents are common. If you accidently deleted a text, made a stray mark, or entered the wrong text, you can simply undo it.
  14. Zoom In/Zoom Out button – This can prove to be extremely helpful, especially in maximizing the use of the infinite space on the whiteboard. Zoom out the whiteboard as much as you can, draw multiple grids, and then Zoom In to find an organized board with multiple sections for taking notes.
  15. Clear – Unlike the eraser that you can use to delete the text you want the Clear button will clear the entire whiteboard at once. Be careful with this one!

More Updates Coming Soon

We are keeping a close tab on the reactions coming from students who are taking the online GMAT test and will continue to update you regarding the same. You can find all the existing updates on the Online GMAT exam and other strategy blogs on our Blog page here –