Students planning to pursue a business degree abroad often overlook some of the B-schools in Europe with an outstanding RoI. The programs offered at these schools have an excellent curriculum, experienced faculty, and comprehensive services to aid students in obtaining a global MBA. The icing on the cake is that even if you don’t have a stellar profile or a high GMAT score, you can still kickstart your dream career through these schools. So, here goes the lists of 11 such schools located in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands that are true hidden gems when it comes to a business degree –

I. Alliance Manchester Business School

Alliance Manchester Business School Europe High RoI

Duration of the program: 18/15/12 months (September intake) 

Fees: £44,000/annum 

Estimated living expenses: £1,150/month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 92% 

Average salary increases in 3 years after graduating: 103% 

Average weighted salary 3 years after graduating: $128,754 

Scholarship opportunities: Generous range of scholarships and all self-funding applicants are automatically considered part of the admission process.

Average GMAT: 625
Manchester B-school is located in Manchester, which is 2 hours away from London. The Manchester MBA develops socially responsible leaders who can navigate global challenges. They will teach you to reflect intelligently, not only in real business situations but also on your own professional development. The school has a strong belief in “Original Thinking Applied”. Its motto – “Learning by doing”, is reflected in the curriculum of the MBA program as it offers 3 live consultancy projects for the students to put their learning into practice: Not-for-Profit Consultancy project, Commercial Consultancy Project and International Business Consultancy Project. It also has a Mergers and Acquisition project and an optional business simulation.

The program provides plenty of room for customization. Like other European schools, it provides opportunities to study abroad. To live up to the expectations of being a truly Global MBA, it provides its electives at different locations like Sao Paolo, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Students may also opt to go for an 8-12-week internship or Global study tour to their Dubai and/or Shanghai or international exchange centres. Also, the University of Manchester has an amazing legacy to it – giving the world 25 Noble laureates. Furthermore, the University conducts world-class research with beacons in energy, advanced materials, cancer, industrial biotech, and global inequalities. Students may access these readily and put them to good use. 

Manchester MBA program Website link:

II. Warwick Business School 

Warwick Business School Europe High RoI

Duration of the program:
12 months 

Fees: £40,450  

Estimated living expenses: £1,150/ month 

Average salary increases post-MBA: 83% 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: £91,022 + £22,000 (bonus) 

Scholarship opportunities: Several scholarships, but applicants who desire to get a scholarship must submit a written statement (up to 300 words) on why they desire to get the scholarship.  

Average GMAT: 660 

Warwick Business School has two campuses in UK – Coventry and London. WBS is for students who believe that the world is a connected community. The WBS wants to ensure that its students gain significant hands-on experience. Thus, students take on an individual consultancy project with an organization for 10-12 weeks over the summer, followed by a 15,000 words dissertation. Also, students are encouraged to join Professional network committees and work alongside Corporate Relations to help organize events, treks, etc. Unlike other B-schools where international trips are optional, Warwick provides a compulsory trip to an overseas partner to ensure a global outlook. There are opportunities to extend studies abroad through the Partnership in International Management (PIM) membership and other partners schools like Michigan Ross and Melbourne Business School between 2-4 months after the Full-Time MBA. The school provides an option of taking 1 of the four electives abroad.

The school is uniquely focused on entrepreneurship. The students who want to develop a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset can take 2 of their electives and a consultancy project within the entrepreneurship specialism area. They also get a letter of acknowledgement from the Dean.  

The school wants you to develop leadership skills, so it organizes a required leadership series where experiential workshops, lectures, seminars, and case studies are included within a live business context. Other series such as Client management and Market series are also conducted.  

Warwick MBA program Website link: 

III. Cass Business School

Cass Business School Europe High RoI

Duration: 12 months  

Fees: £44,000  

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 93% 

Scholarship opportunities: You will automatically be considered for a financial award of up to 30% of the fees, but if you wish to be considered for a 50% scholarship, you must complete the additional scholarship essays included in the MBA application form. 

Average GMAT: 643 

The Cass B-school is located in London at unrivalled locations – close to the City’s financial core and the new tech belt centred on Silicon Roundabout. Students get access to their campus in the Dubai International Financial Center, the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. It is the only global business school to have a dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions Research Center. 

The Cass ‘practical application’ learning approach allows students to apply new theory immediately with integration weeks, the international consultancy trip and the strategy project. The school has a collaborative learning environment with small immersive classes. One can learn and customize with a wide range of elective concentrations. International electives in over nine locations give a truly global perspective to students. 

The school provides some unique opportunities as well. Students get a chance to develop an explorer’s mindset, ready to read and respond to rapidly changing business environments, by joining the Cass Expeditionary Society. They also have access to the £10 million Cass Entrepreneurship Fund for high potential, early-stage businesses.  Furthermore, the Cass Global Women’s Leadership Program is designed to nurture rising women leaders. 

 Furthermore, being part of the Cass community, one can continue to learn with alumni access to one free elective each year. 

Cass MBA program website link: 


Rotterdam School of Management Business School Europe High RoI

Duration: 12 months (January intake) 

Fees: 54,000 

Estimated living expenses: 1,500/ month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 88% 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: $ 76,594 

Scholarship opportunities: Any applicant who has submitted their online application will automatically be considered for a scholarship. Scholarship values differ but are available up to 50 per cent of the MBA tuition fee. 

Average GMAT: 640 

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It believes that business can and should be a force for positive change. It believes in sustainability, global social responsibility, and leadership, aspiring to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. You will build the rock-solid understanding, perspective, an integrative leadership mindset and the multicultural sensitivities needed to align people, functions and strategy. To lead yourself. To lead others. And to lead change. 

The school offer students to indulge in two live projects- Living Management Project: An intense, four-week project that requires you to work in teams to devise a solution to a real business problem within a company with challenges such as inadequate information and resources, tight deadlines and cultural differences between your team members, and Project TIME: During this project, you will team up and use Design Thinking to formulate a challenge, generate ideas and come up with creative solutions with a positive impact – in a short time. 

At RSM, the MBA will take you as far afield as you wish to go. From California to Catalonia, from Beijing to Brussels, you can pursue study trips, international exchange programmes and leadership retreats across six continents. Unique learning experiences that will take you out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. And your mindset. 

The Personal Leadership Development programme is also a part of the curriculum, helping you build your leadership competencies via dialogue and interchange with inspirational peers and leaders from a broad diversity of backgrounds and cultures. 

Rotterdam MBA program website link: 


UCD SMURFIT Business School Europe High RoI

Duration: 12 months (September intake) 

Fees: €34,500 

Total calculated costs (included living costs etc.): 53,000 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 86 % 

Average salary increases in 3 years after graduating: 68 % 

Scholarship opportunities: Generous range of scholarships available with the possibility of a few exceptional candidates getting scholarship of 100% 

Average GMAT: 646 

UCD Smurfit is located in Dublin (Ireland), a hub of business, finance and innovation. It is also only a few hours away from London and Paris; thus, its location ensures better job prospects for students. 

MBA participants engage in active learning throughout the program. From case studies to business simulations to international consultancy, you will learn by doing. This includes the major highlights: International Consultancy Project and Capstone project.  

The International Consultancy Project Trip aims to develop research knowledge and skills to solve live business problems faced by companies operating in international markets. As part of a team, the major Capstone project will task you to develop a solution to an actual problem faced by an organisation by applying the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program, demonstrating your skills of analysis, problem-solving, and strategy. 

Smurfit Leadership Development Program empowers you to become a self-aware, insightful and influential leader. Furthermore, the Program helps you communicate more effectively, better understand your motivations and behaviour, develop your personal strengths and lead others through persuasion and influence.  

The Smurfit MBA International Study Tour takes place over one week and is part of the ‘Doing Business in International Markets’ module. The tour combines high-level company visits, presentations and panel discussions from leading executives, government officials and entrepreneurs, all relevant to core management disciplines. 

Through the Smurfit MBA program, you also have a wonderful chance to engage with the Global Network of Advanced Management (GNAM), a network of 30 of the world’s leading business school providers. GNAM week provides an opportunity for faculty and students to exchange ideas through short, one-week immersion programs.  Participants travel to a host institution for project work such as data collection, sharing case studies, and networking as part of a global team. 

MBA participants can further enhance their learning and networking by becoming involved in a range of extracurricular activities.  This includes MBA events, MBA sports competitions, MBA Clubs (e.g. Entrepreneurship Club, Thought Leadership Club), MBA Case Study competitions and MBA Blog posting 

Smurfit MBA program website link: 



Duration: 12 months (September intake) 


Strategy & Management major  €50,000 for AY2020-2021 
Luxury Brand Management major  €50,000 for AY2020-2021 
Strategy & Digital Leadership major  SGD81,900 (Inclusive of GST) for AY2020-2021 

Early Action options available: Applying in Round 1 and 2 ensures fees reduction for all apart from the scholarship opportunities. Round 1 and 2 ensures fees reduction for all apart from the scholarship opportunities. 

Estimated living expenses: 

  • France: Approximately €900 – 1,000/month 
  • Singapore: Approximately S$1000 – 2500/month 

Average salary increases in 3 years after graduating: range between 17% and 74% 

Scholarship opportunities: Generous range of scholarships available- Candidates can apply for only 1 out of the 5 scholarships 

ESSEC is located in Paris and Singapore thus, offering a bi-continental MBA. At ESSEC, their aim is to empower students and give them the keys to imagine, create, lead, and positively impact the business world of tomorrow that will be more complex and changing ever more rapidly.  

Unique to ESSEC, majors provide a conducive environment for participants to deep-dive into a particular industry or sector, allowing them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a career switch. 

Our 3 Majors:

  • Strategy & Management 
  • Strategy & Digital Leadership 
  • Luxury Brand Management 

Major global companies like L’Oréal, Chanel and many more allow ESSEC to build deeper alliances with academic, private and public partners in those regions that are growing at an accelerated pace and will be leaders of economic growth in tomorrow’s world. ESSEC has built a network of alliances with academic partners worldwide to make its students’ learning journey a truly international one. 

You will be immersed in real-world projects, and business situations through leadership training, business trips, company visits, alumni meet, capstone consulting field projects, to name a few, which will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to chart your professional career. 

ESSEC MBA program website link: 

VII. WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management

WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management

Duration: 12 months (April/ September intake) 

Fees: 40,500 EUR (early bird deadlines available – fee reduction by early-bird deadlines available – fee reduction by 5.000 and 3.000 respectively) 

Estimated living expenses: 850 EUR / month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 82% 

Average starting salary increases: 106% 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: € 75,557  

Scholarship opportunities: To apply for a scholarship, please use the respective scholarship application form available on the website. 

WHU has two campuses- one located in Vallendar and the other in Düsseldorf, Germany. WHU follows four core values: community, cosmopolites, entrepreneurship, and excellence. The atmosphere characterized by openness, curiosity, diversity, and equal opportunities is of the utmost importance for WHU. They focus on management education — fostering both an entrepreneurial attitude as well as responsible leadership. 

Teaching is focused on practice-oriented work whenever possible: thus, case studies and practical projects are frequently used in class to foster theoretical concepts. WHU highly values the personal development of each individual. Students are challenged to reflect on their soft and leadership skills and to work on personal development. In addition, they offer the students extracurricular Management Practice Workshops with expert practitioners covering topics such as Strategy Consulting, Change Management, Design Thinking, and Process Management. 

The MBA Program includes three study-abroad weeks, two in Asia and one in the US. The Asia module, which takes place in China and India, focuses on changes, challenges, and risks of doing business in emerging markets. 

The WHU start-up scene is a constant hive of activity – from Germany to America, and everywhere in between, entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking truly make up the heart of WHU. Students are more than ever interested in entrepreneurial activities, either by starting their own venture or within a corporate setting. With plenty of start-ups originating from WHU alumni (>700), you have the unique opportunity to learn from the best at WHU. 

WHU MBA website link: 



Duration: 15 months (Fastrack)/ 21 months (Advanced Track)- (September intake) 

Fees: 38,000 Euros (Earlybird deadlines allows a fees reduction by 5,000 and 3,000 Euros) 

Estimated living expenses: 700-800 Euros/ month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 90% 

Average salary increases post-MBA: 93% 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: EUR 64,000 

Scholarship opportunities: Generous range of scholarships available for which an additional essay should be submitted along with the application form. 

Since its founding in 1898, HHL stands for successful management education with a human touch. This long-standing tradition is deeply embedded in the school’s DNA. They continually seek to unite theory and practical application for students while maintaining an open-minded, entrepreneurial spirit.  

The MBA program revolves entirely around your individual career goals and your personal growth. Therefore, the Fast Track (15 months) is perfect if you wish to return to your job as soon as possible. The Advanced Track (up to 21 months) is the right choice for you if you wish to broaden your knowledge with a wider spectrum of elective courses or build and strengthen your professional network within Germany and beyond. It is probably the only European B-school with a 2-year option. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, HHL takes the lead – among business schools and across Europe. With Trivago, About You, Lieferando, Ionic and Auto1Group, HHL alumni started five of Germany’s Unicorns. Entrepreneurship is an integral part of our DNA. In addition to various courses related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, HHL regularly invites entrepreneurs, investors and other key players of the start-up world to share their experiences with our students. They have various resources at the disposal of to-be entrepreneurs: Accelerate Club, SpinLab, Female Founders Initiative etc. 

Besides their curriculum, they engage in various student initiatives, such as a term abroad at one of our 135 global partner universities in cities like New York, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Sidney will give you an exciting change of perspective. Along with your term abroad, you have the option of receiving an additional degree from one of our global network of partner universities. 

HHL Leipzig website program: 



Duration: 12 months (September intake) 

Fees: 38,000 Euros (Earlybird deadlines allows a fees reduction by 6,000 and 4,000 Euros) 

Estimated living expenses: 1000-1200 Euros/ month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 87% 

Average salary increases post-MBA: 93% 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: EUR 71,000+ 9,000 (bonus) 

Scholarship opportunities: Generous range of scholarships available (covering up to 30% of the tuition fees) for which an additional essay should be submitted along with the application form. 

As the name suggests, the Frankfurt School of Management is located in Frankfurt, Germany. It is perfect for students especially willing to enter the finance sector as Frankfurt is THE HUB. Frankfurt School believes in learning by doing. Their real-world case studies method, which is participant-centred learning as used in Harvard Business School and interactive teaching methods, put you in the shoes of executive decision-makers. Strengthen your professional skills and transform academic ideas into both concrete and sustainable actions in the business world. 

Their thesis options allow for room to develop by giving you the flexibility to work in a group, consult a company to help solve current business challenges or develop a comprehensive business plan for a start-up. 

Completing your MBA alongside peers worldwide allows you to have further international exposure at another top European business school. You will spend one week at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy, to complete the Leadership of Innovation & Change module. 

Frankfurt School MBA website link: 



Duration: 12 months (January intake) 

Fees:  €43,500 (Earlybird deadlines allows a fees reduction by 3,000 Euros) 

Estimated living expenses: €1,000 to €1,500/ month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 82% + 10% started their own businesses 

Average weighted salary post-MBA: EUR 74,000 + 8,000 (bonus) 

Scholarship opportunities: Applicants can apply for all of the scholarships for which they qualify. A separate essay may be needed in some cases. 

ESMT MBA programme length is officially 14 months, but with all the pre and post-MBA opportunities, it becomes 22 months in total. ESMT believes that 50% of an MBA experience is new in the classroom, and 50% is integrative personal development. Sustainability forms a key part of their discussions in the classroom from the beginning, i.e. the core courses. 

Throughout the program, the MBA challenges students to work in diverse teams, discover their drives and limits, and question conventional thinking. You apply your strategic learning to a team-based applied fieldwork in a 3-month Consulting Project, which is your chance to diversify your portfolio (with a project in a different industry or function) or strengthen your previous experience with a new strategic challenge. 

The program provides ample international exposure through its collaboration with the GNAM, a network of 30 B-schools. There are options to connect with students either virtually or by physically visiting campuses. 

After completing all academic requirements of the MBA, students can choose to use their skills to give back through The Responsible Leaders Fellowship (February- May). There are other options available as well: work with a start-up incubator or do an internship. Thus, it is a customizable program, and a student can take the maximum benefit by adjusting the length and courses according to one’s interest. 

ESMT Berlin MBA Website link: 



Duration: 12 months (September intake) 

Fees: € 39,500 (Earlybird deadlines allows a fees reduction by 3,000 and 1,000 Euros) 

Estimated living expenses: €700 to €750/ month 

Graduates accepting offers within 3 months of graduating: 93% 

Average base salary post-MBA: $103,200 

Scholarship opportunities: The scholarship application forms are available upon request. We can only send you the scholarship application form after you have sent in your complete application documents and after you have successfully mastered the first interview round with the Admissions Manager. 

Mannheim Business School is located in the German southwestern city of Mannheim. Quality, substance, an international perspective, and practical orientation are integral elements of the Mannheim MBA courses.  

You can either finish your MBA within 12 months and directly start a job or prolong your MBA experience by three months and use this additional term to acquire an additional certificate in Management Analytics or lay the foundation for your own company. 

Mannheim is not only the hub of one of the strongest economic regions in Europe, but it also boasts a unique start-up ecosystem comprising more than 300 successful start-ups. This is the ideal breeding ground for participants who are considering starting their own business after completing their MBA. As a result, the umbrella brand for start-up support of the City of Mannheim, they can provide ideal conditions. 

Teaching methods at Mannheim school encompass an exciting mix of case studies, simulations, group work, practical lectures, and self-organized learning. Also, you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in multiple projects. At Mannheim Business School, responsibility is a commitment to action. The best example of this is the Social Sustainability Project (SSP), an integral part of the Mannheim MBA curriculum. And the Business Master Project offers participants the unique opportunity to develop a solution for a complex business issue in their Multi-Competence Team, using their experience and newly gained knowledge and methodological skills. 

Mannheim MBA program website link: 

We hope you will remember this list of high RoI B-schools when planning to go for an MBA abroad! 

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