GMAT Verbal : Quantifiers – Question 1 & 2

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of Quantifiers in improving the Verbal score. If you haven’t followed the post yet, you can find it here. In this blog, you will find two questions that will touch base with your understanding of Quantifiers. Try to solve the questions on your own and then match […]

Quantifiers: The Tiny Game Changers In CR

Quantifiers may seem easy but are responsible for a great number of mistakes in CR. Hence, understanding Quantifiers is important to score well in Verbal.

GMAT Quant: Statistics – Practice Question #1

Question: There are 7 numbers in the set and all the numbers are distinct integers. What is the median of these 7 numbers, when they are arranged in an ascending order? (1) Median of the first five numbers is 11 (2) Median of the last five numbers is 13 Option Choices: A. Statement (1) ALONE […]

How to Effectively Plan Studies for GMAT?

Before beginning their GMAT prep, a lot of students often look for some tips to plan their studies in the most fruitful manner. You can always find plenty of success stories to take inspiration from. However, you can save a lot of your time and find the best ingredients of your study plan at the […]

How to Identify Right Target GMAT Score?

If you are planning to go for a degree in management this year, you are most likely to appear for the GMAT soon. Now, the first challenge faced by an MBA aspirant preparing for GMAT is to identify what their target score should be! Hmm..sounds easy, doesn’t it? Read the detailed post and find out […]

How to solve data sufficiency questions?

Data sufficiency questions can trouble most GMAT aspirants during their preparation. This blog talks about the right process for solving GMAT questions.