Solving Data Sufficiency Questions Using Expert Tips

This article is in continuation to our article on “How to solve data sufficiency questions?”. We recommend you go through it first. In this article, we will address solving data sufficiency questions using expert tips by looking at 5 different questions and apply our standard 3-steps process. Before scrolling down to the respective solution section, […]


GMAT Verbal CR Practice – Question #2

This is a follow-up question of our blog on Basics of Causal Arguments. If you haven’t solved practice question 1, solve it first before trying this one! In this article, we will be covering your GMAT Verbal CR Practice through the following question: Question – The price per kilogram of wheat in Granaria was $3.00 […]

GMAT Verbal CR

GMAT Verbal CR – Strengthen Practice Question #1

We hope you have followed our detailed article on the Basics of Causal Arguments. Try solving this GMAT Verbal CR practice question on the concepts learned in the article and test your understanding of the same – Question – Reduced rainfall has been believed to cause the production of low-quality tea. A new report, noting […]

Subjunctive Verbs on GMAT – Practice Question #1

If you have gone through the blog already, let’s test your understanding of Subjunctive Verbs on the GMAT with this practice question 1. Do not forget to solve practice question 2 here – GMAT Subjunctive Verbs – Practice Question #2. Question – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that competent adults suffering from a “grievous […]

‘Because of’ and ‘Due to’ Practice Question #1

Let’s see if you can correctly use ‘because of’, ‘due to’, and ’caused by’ in a practice question. If you are confused about the usage of these phrases, refer to our blog on when to use ‘because of’ and ‘due to’ here – When to Use ‘Because of’ and ‘Due to ?’ Question – Identify […]

Nouns Practice Question – GMAT Verbal SC #2

If you’re new here, don’t forget to go through the first Nouns Practice Question 1 from the GMAT Verbal SC here! Question – Although premature babies making less friends, feel less accepted by peers and spend less time socializing in early childhood, they improve when they get to school. Option Choices – A. Although premature […]

GMAT Quant: LCM-GCD Practice Question #1

Here’s a question on LCM-GCD for you. Apply your understanding of Data Sufficiency to identify the right option choice. Find the solution below in case you have any doubt. Question : If x is a positive integer, what is the least common multiple of x, 4x, and 15? Least common multiple of x and 4x […]

GMAT Verbal : Quantifiers – Question 1 & 2

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of Quantifiers in improving the Verbal score. If you haven’t followed the post yet, you can find it here. In this blog, you will find two questions that will touch base with your understanding of Quantifiers. Try to solve the questions on your own and then match […]