'Because of' vs 'Due to'

‘Because of’ vs ‘Due to’ – When to use them?

Did you ever wonder what is the difference between the phrases ‘Because of’ and ‘Due to’? Is there even a difference or are they same? The confusion is quite possible and can be cleared if you look at them logically! Let’s find out what differentiates ‘Because of’ vs ‘Due to’ – 1. “Due to” Vs […]

Nouns Practice Question – GMAT Verbal SC #2

If you’re new here, don’t forget to go through the first Nouns Practice Question 1 from the GMAT Verbal SC here! Question – Although premature babies making less friends, feel less accepted by peers and spend less time socializing in early childhood, they improve when they get to school. Option Choices – A. Although premature […]

GMAT Nouns Practice Question #1

Here’s an interesting GMAT nouns practice question for you on countable and uncountable nouns! If you haven’t followed up on our article covering the same, click here. Then, attempt the question given below followed by a detailed solution to know the right approach: Question – A team of scientists from the Institute for Research in […]

Countable and Uncountable Nouns: Usage with Modifiers

There is more to nouns than just name, place, animal, and thing! One of the classic examples of confusion that surrounds nouns is countable and uncountable nouns and their use with modifiers. Not having clarity of countable and uncountable nouns is one reason why many students make mistakes in SC. In this article, we will […]

The Importance of Learning in The Right Order

Haphazard learning or not following a logical approach while preparing for GMAT can lead to wastage of time and effort. The better thing to do is to follow the right order, both for Verbal and Quant.

GMAT Verbal : Quantifiers – Practice Question 3

We hope our post on Quantifiers helped you understand the importance of Quantifiers in scoring well on GMAT. The Question 1 and 2 followed by the post were relatively easier. Now, let’s try to solve a question with a higher difficulty level. First attempt the question on your own and then refer to the solution […]

GMAT Verbal : Quantifiers – Question 1 & 2

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of Quantifiers in improving the Verbal score. If you haven’t followed the post yet, you can find it here. In this blog, you will find two questions that will touch base with your understanding of Quantifiers. Try to solve the questions on your own and then match […]